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I am trying to collect enough money to create an academy for all dogs. I see so many posts on Facebook about dogs that have been abused, left behind, people are moving and cannot take or do not want to take their dog with them, etc. I want to make a place for every dog to be able to call home. So many good dogs are getting euthanized because people do not understand the commitment it takes to have a dog. I have plans in the works to purchase a ranch, build buildings, and have the proper areas for the dogs to run and be trained properly for their Furever Home. I am asking for donations to help build the ALL DOGS MATTER ACADEMY. Are you willing to help? Any amount you want to give will help build this awesome facility. More details are coming!

Charitable Donations

These funds will be used to help build the ALL DOGS MATTER ACADEMY. We want All Dogs to have a place to call home. We are truly dedicated to giving All Dogs a safe place to be. Please help us help Man's Best Friend. Show that you care by donating to he ALL DOGS MATTER ACADEMY.


Training Tool

Chuck-It Ball

This has been a fantastic tool for training our Redtick Coonhound, Ruby. She used to be trained with snacks (her dog food), but now her reward for doing something correctly is her ball. We have one for each vehicle and one for the house. You’d swear it has some kind of power over her by the way she loves her ball! One of the best features it has is that it is essentially indestructible! We have never had to replace any one. She can chew and chew and her ball never breaks, shreds, or pops. I love this product because I can wash it, so no more nasty tennis balls that can collect mud or anything else nasty that might make Ruby sick. I have added a link for this ball so you can buy one for your best friend. I swear this will be the last ball you will ever buy!

Training Tool

Dog Leash

When we are walking Ruby, we use this leash. We have seen Cesar Millan use this very leash on his shows. We decided to try it. The verdict is in: IT WORKS! When used properly, this leash does everything Cesar says! WOW! Ruby is well behaved when walking. She listens. She is an angel when we use this leash! Purchase one using the link below and see for yourself! Thank you, Cesar, for sharing!

Training Tool

Kong Chew Toy

Hello, my friends, followers and visitors! I have found the Best Toy to stop your Redtick or any other dog you may have from destroying furniture, digging at the carpet or eating electrical cords! I have tried the Puppy Kong and the Red Kong for my dogs. The Kong Extreme is where it is at!! This Kong is virtually indestructible! I have had 2 German Shorthaired Pointers before my Redtick. My GSPs tore right through the Puppy and Red Kongs. Once I got them the Kong Extreme in the link, it was the last chew toy I ever got them. I got Ruby one from the start. Ruby has not chewed on anything since. Her Kong is her best friend! If you have having problems with your dog chewing on everything, click the link below and try it!

Outside Gear


Something every dog needs is outdoor gear for difficult terrain. Dogs need hiking boots just like you do. Their paws will get cut on rocks just like your feet will. They get cold just like you do, so buy them a coat just like you would buy yourself a coat.

NOTE: If you decide to do the dog boots, start this when they are small puppies. For information and pricing press the picture.

For information and pricing on your dogs new coat press picture below:



One of the best ideas is to get your dog a proper kennel. Anytime you need to go to the vet, your dog should be confident and relaxed because they are in their home away from home. A kennel is your dog’s safe place. When training your dog to use the kennel, your dog should never be forced in, yelled at, or made to feel the kennel is a form of punishment. If your dog feels the kennel is a form of punishment, they will resent you and the kennel. When using a kennel, food and water need to be inside so your dog is not deprived of the essentials of life. Press the picture for more information and pricing.

GPS dog tracking collar


KNOW where your dog is at all times!

Many hounds get lost because it’s in their nature to follow their noses. With Coonhounds, it’s the right call to have a backup plan in place before anything else. Losing your hound is the worst feeling in the world. Take proper steps in ensuring your dog’s health will make you look and feel like a pro. Coonhounds are a breed many people do not have patience with and end up in the pound on death row. Coonhounds need special owners. They need owners that will understand the breed. They are much like a child with ADHD. The parents need to work around the child’s needs. Coonhounds are very much the same way. Their noses get them in trouble or lost if they are not on a leash. A GPS tracker is the best way to keep track of your dog, whether you are hunting or just going for a walk.

For nothing but the best Sport dogs:



The Redtick is a majestic breed and deserves a proper handler.

Personally, Ruby, our Redtick Coonhound, had 20 straight months of unknown medical problems before a particular veterinarian said allergies. This lady was right on point. I was blown away because she ended up being exactly right on the first diagnosis. Ruby is hypoallergenic. Kudos to Dr. Susan Lucas of the Animal Medical Clinic in Gillette, Wyoming. Also, many thanks to Red Hills Animal Clinic in Gillette, Wyoming, for their continuous pursuit in helping to solve the problems with Ruby’s (our English Coonhound) health. 

Currently, Ruby can only eat a prescription diet hypoallergenic dog food made by Hills called Hills z/d for Skin/Food Sensitivities. For more information press picture below

This food has literally taken Ruby being badly emaciated, weight of 35 pounds when she was 15 months to exactly where she should be in weight, 55-60 lbs. Changes were immediate and weight increased dramatically with NO ADVERSE REACTIONS. I highly recommend this product. This food seems expensive, but if your dog has the need for this food, the cost is worth it. This food will last if you follow the directions on the side of the bag.

If you have a dog that is vomiting or has diarrhea every day, talk to your vet about this food. Think about how you feel if your guts are all jumbled up: are you grumpy or do you like going to work feeling gross? Your dog can have bad behavior, be grumpy, lethargic, or flat out not even care about you. This food is for those dogs that cannot eat other foods.

Ruby is currently two-years old and training still is needed. I work with Ruby as much humanly possible, but because of her allergies, it’s not been easy to train her while she is getting sick or having stomach problems.

Ruby still has a lot to learn. The Redtick Coonhound is a very stubborn breed of dog. Most dogs are trained by the time they are a year old. With Ruby’s allergies, she has taken a bit longer to train. We have used a Gentle Leader to help her to learn to walk on a leash.

Ruby has also had to have an electronic collar to help her  listen to commands.

Ruby now walks with a harness and leash. She still needs some training when going for a walk. That has a lot to do with her breed. Her nose gets her into trouble.