About Us

This website has been created for English (Redtick) Coonhound dogs because too many of these dogs need our help! ALL dogs deserve to be loved and appreciated. There are too many dogs that need a home. Many people adopt or purchase a puppy without researching the breed of dog they are acquiring. When that puppy goes from being cute to a nuisance, people discard them like trash. Our dog, Ruby, has a brother, known to us as Copper, that had this very thing happened to him. The owners decided that Copper was too much work and took him to the pound. If we would have known they were going to discard Copper, we would have taken him in. We do not know his fate.

We hope our experiences with Ruby will help those of you either with a Redtick or those of your thinking of getting a Redtick. Ruby has had many extraordinary problems. We will share those problems hoping they will help you with your Redtick.