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I am trying to collect enough money to create an academy for all dogs. I see so many posts on Facebook about dogs that have been abused, left behind, people are moving and cannot take or do not want to take their dog with them, etc. I want to make a place for every dog to be able to call home. So many good dogs are getting euthanized because people do not understand the commitment it takes to have a dog. I have plans in the works to purchase a ranch, build buildings, and have the proper areas for the dogs to run and be trained properly for their Furever Home. I am asking for donations to help build the ALL DOGS MATTER ACADEMY. Are you willing to help? Any amount you want to give will help build this awesome facility. More details are coming!

Charitable Donations

These funds will be used to help build the ALL DOGS MATTER ACADEMY. We want All Dogs to have a place to call home. We are truly dedicated to giving All Dogs a safe place to be. Please help us help Man's Best Friend. Show that you care by donating to he ALL DOGS MATTER ACADEMY.


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