GPS dog tracking collar


KNOW where your dog is at all times!

Many hounds get lost because it’s in their nature to follow their noses. With Coonhounds, it’s the right call to have a backup plan in place before anything else. Losing your hound is the worst feeling in the world. Take proper steps in ensuring your dog’s health will make you look and feel like a pro. Coonhounds are a breed many people do not have patience with and end up in the pound on death row. Coonhounds need special owners. They need owners that will understand the breed. They are much like a child with ADHD. The parents need to work around the child’s needs. Coonhounds are very much the same way. Their noses get them in trouble or lost if they are not on a leash. A GPS tracker is the best way to keep track of your dog, whether you are hunting or just going for a walk.

For nothing but the best Sport dogs:

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